Step 1.

Login to your library and click on the download link underneath the title you wish to download.

(If your title does not have a download link then it is currently unavailable to download and can be read through our web reader.)

Step 2.

Once you have clicked the download link a pop-up will give you three options:

  • Apple iBooks (iPad, iPhone)
  • Amazon Kindle (Fire, e-Ink)
  • Other device (Sony, Kobo, Nook)

Select your device and your download will begin. Once downloaded your file can be found in your downloads folder.

For iBooks

Step 1.

To load your eBook into iTunes simply drag the downloaded file into your iTunes library.

Step 2.

Once the file is in your library connect your device to your computer and iTunes will upload your new eBooks automatically.*

Step 3.

Disconnect your Apple device and open the iBooks app. Your eBook will now be available to read.

As an alternative, you can load the publication on your iPad directly by opening your library in the browser, selecting the Apple iBooks format and then selecting “open in iBooks” when prompted by your browser.

* Depending on your iTunes settings the eBook may need to be dragged into your device

For Kindle

Step 1.

Connect your Kindle device to your computer.

Step 2.

Once your device is connected open ‘My Computer’ and open your Kindle.

Step 3.

Once you see a selection of folders (left) Drag your downloaded file into the ‘Books’ folder.

Step 4.

Disconnect your Kindle and your Erudition eBook will be available to read.

Kindle users can also email the file to their kindle, more information on this can be found here.

For all other devices

For all other devices we suggest you consult your manual on the best practice for uploading new files.

If you need help or have a query feel free to send us a message and we will respond as quickly as possible.