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Erudition Direct is a multi-platform eBook distribution tool which enables publishers and authors to promote and sell eBooks directly to a wider audience. It combines cutting-edge content protection with intuitive functionality to provide secure, efficient and user-friendly distribution of galley, review and promotional copies of eBooks.

Features and benefits


Cutting-edge security

A combination of two best of breed anti-piracy systems, Custos for Ebooks and Digimarc Barcode for Digital Documents, provides more effective protection against piracy without restricting legitimate use or inconveniencing honest users.


User friendly

Our unique, reader-friendly approach to content protection and a simple, intelligent user interface gives recipients quick and easy access to their eBooks on the device and reading platform of their choice.



Distribute eBooks to one of more recipients in a few clicks and we handle the rest, from delivery through to ensuring that recipients can access their eBooks.


New possibilities

Innovative functionality opens up new possibilities for eBook promotion and sales such as bulk distribution and physical promotions using print eBook Tokens.

How it works


Pilot Programme: Try it out for free!

We’re offering publishers the opportunity to pilot Erudition Direct free of charge as part of our beta-launch programme. Participants will benefit from a number of special offers, including free set-up, distribution credits and eBook tokens.

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Further information

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