New enhanced publication featuring the art of Impressionism to launch in Apple iBookstore

London, United Kingdom – 7th April 2015

Erudition is pleased to announce the launch of a new edition of Impressionism: A Legacy of Light specially crafted for viewing on Apple™ iPads and Macs in the Apple iBooks format.  The publication is part of the Masterpieces of Art series which was launched in December 2014 and features eBook “tours” through major art movements, works and the artists who created them.  The series is aimed at readers of all levels of knowledge from amateurs to lifelong lovers of art who wish to enhance their appreciation and understanding of art history.

Impressionism: A Legacy of Light gives an overview of the accomplishments, contributions and innovations of a movement which represented the first departure from the Renaissance tradition of illusionistic art and ultimately paved the way for twentieth-century Modernism.  As with previous editions, the new Apple iBooks version takes full advantage of the capabilities of the Apple enhanced eBook format, featuring:

  • Numerous full-colour images, interspersed with explanatory text, captions highlighting salient features and innovations, high-resolution versions and side-by-side galleries comparing individual works
  • Zoomable, interactive canvases with hotspots providing detailed information on special features and close up illustrations of technique at a tap of your finger
  • Supplementary material containing glossary entries, articles for more in-depth explanations and background that reveals the people behind the works
  • An interactive timeline of the movement with significant milestones in artists’ careers and the development of the movement

Carol Strickland, author of the bestselling art history book The Annotated Mona Lisa draws upon her extensive experience as an art historian and writer to reveal the story of a group of protagonists who created works of art that were initially met with revulsion but ultimately become some of the most beloved of Western art. With engaging anecdotes, lively quotations and contemporary criticism, Strickland shows in human terms the sacrifices and difficulties these artists faced in remaining true to their ideal of representing modern reality, which led to ultimately launching an aesthetic revolution.

Impressionism: A Legacy of Light for iBooks will be available for Apple iPad and Mac in the Apple iBookstore on 7th April 2015 and will be priced at $8.99.   The publication can also be purchased directly from the publisher’s website in an online, web-based format with basic downloadable versions for Amazon Kindle and Apple iBooks. The new Apple iBooks edition incorporates the latest advances in presentation offered by electronic media, setting a new standard for creative design coupled with narrative content and beautiful art.

Click here to view on the Apple iBookstore.


Carol Strickland is an author and cultural journalist for publications including Art in America, The Christian Science Monitor and New York Times. She is the author of the acclaimed art history book The Annotated Mona Lisa: A Crash Course in the History of Art from Prehistoric to Post-Modern and The Annotated Arch: A Crash Course in the History of Architecture. Having sold more than 450,000 copies, The Annotated Mona Lisa is frequently listed as one of Amazon’s best-selling art books. Strickland has also written The Illustrated Timeline of Art History, The Illustrated Timeline of Western Literature, and The Eagle and the Swan, a historical novel. Strickland has a Ph.D. from the University of Michigan and has taught at Stony Brook University. She has a home on Long Island in New York State. Links to her most recent feature stories can be found on her website: