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Single source, multiple output publishing


Erudition's Content Management System (CMS) enables the creation, management and publication of content to multiple output formats from a single source. It provides publishers and content owners of all sizes with a cost effective, bespoke solution for significantly reducing the timescales, cost and complexity of publishing to print, digital and enhanced formats.

Key features

Single source,
multiple outputs

Publish high-quality outputs to print and a range of digital formats from a single XML source.

Content object architecture

Reuse and repurpose content objects or components with a granular, heirarchical content structure.

XML-first workflow

Create, manage and publish XML-based content using familiar tools such as MS Word.


Use automated features to generate content from imported data, format content for different output channels and to populate templates from existing content.

Enhanced content, interactive functionality

Produce enhanced editions with multimedia content and interactive functionality.


Get the right fit for your organisation with a tailor-made solution based on a flexible framework of product components.



Reduce costs, increase efficiency

  • Automated functionality reduces authoring and layout or production costs.
  • Single source, multiple output publishing reduces in-house or outsourced production costs.
  • Content reuse and workflow functionality saves time in the authoring, proofing and editorial processes.

Future-proof digital publishing capability

  • Create content purpose-built for digital consumption with an in-house digital production capability.
  • Reach a larger audience with minimal effort by publishing efficiently to a wider range of formats.
  • Go beyond static editions with enhanced content and interactive functionality.
  • Be ready to respond to future market developments with a platform and architecture capable of supporting new formats (and requirements) as they emerge.

Significant ROI

  • Implement a bespoke solution quickly and cost effectively using a flexible framework of tried and tested components developed for Erudition.
  • Minimise the risk and disruption associated with adoption of new systems through functionality purpose-built by a publisher and the usage of familiar tools (e.g. MS Word).

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