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Digital Strategy Consulting


Digital publishing offers significant opportunities, but many publishers face challenges exploiting these opportunities, particularly with the convergence between content and technology. From our experience in building a digital-first publishing capability ourselves, we're in a unique position to provide publishers with strategic consulting services based on a combination of publishing industry experience and technology expertise. We've worked with a number of organisations in different sectors to formulate practical digital strategies, test new business models and commercialise new digital offerings.

Consulting services


Strategy definition and implementation with a particular focus on digital business models, product development, direct E-commerce and online marketing


Incubation of new digital content products and platforms from initial conceptualisation through to delivery and monetisation

Delivery management

Comprehensive delivery management of technology-based solutions on time, to specifications and within budget

Digital first

Building digital-first capabilities covering organisational design, change management, process design, resource planning, skills development and sourcing of required tools


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