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We offer an end-to-end range of innovative technology components and complementary services which enable creation, sale and fulfilment of eBooks direct to the end-consumer or via third-party platforms.


Single source, multiple output

Publish to multiple channels and formats from a single XML source

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Direct sales

Sell and distribute publications direct to gain insights and build direct relationships with your readers

Books in the browser

Deliver responsive, enhanced and interactive content via the browser for consumption across a wide range of devices and platforms

eBook protection

A novel way to protect eBooks against piracy

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Technology components


Content Management System

  • Publishes to multiple output formats (e.g. HTML5, ePub 2, 3, iBooks, Kindle, InDesign and PDF) from a single XML source.
  • Create, manage and publish XML-based content using familiar tools such as MS Word.
  • Produce enhanced editions with multimedia content and interactive functionality.

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Digital Fulfilment Platform

  • Enables content to be marketed, sold and distributed via stand-alone websites or integration with existing sites.
  • Manages customer profiles and accounts via a user portal and library.
  • Offers a wide range of sales options including review copies, discount vouchers, bundling, coupons, gifting and viral incentives.

Cloud reader

  • Enables publications with a dynamic, responsive layout to be read online and offline on a wide range of devices through the browser.
  • Flexible widget framework enables enhanced content and interactive functionality.

eBook protection

  • Leverages the blockchain to protect eBooks from piracy.
  • Provides additional protection without inconveniencing legitimate users.

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