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Custos for eBooks

Leveraging the blockchain to protect eBooks from piracy


Custos for eBooks provides publishers with a new way to protect their eBooks against piracy by leveraging Bitcoin and the blockchain. Based on a patent pending technology used to protect screener copies of movies, this unique system turns pirates on each other by embedding hidden Bitcoin bounties within eBook files. Bounties can be claimed instantly from anywhere in the world by a network of “bounty hunters” using a free extraction tool thus enabling rapid detection of compromised publications.

How it works

  • Imperceptible watermarks which do not affect honest users are embedded within eBook files
  • The watermarks contain a bounty which is a Bitcoin private key which gives access to a wallet
  • Anyone with the freely-available extraction tool can decode the watermark and claim the bounty
  • Bitcoin allows the hunter to claim the bounty instantly and anonymously, from anywhere in the world
  • The publisher is immediately alerted the moment the bounty is claimed and the infringing customer (uploader) is uniquely identified
  • This attacks the economy of piracy by targeting uploaders rather than downloaders, turning downloaders into an early detection network



User friendly

A seamless process without the requirement to download additional software or register doesn’t inconvenience legitimate users


Cost effective

Decentralisation of detection network enables extensive reach at a minimal cost



The incentive to upload pirated files diminishes with time



Leverages a patent pending technology for the use of Bitcoin protocol which has been tried and tested in the film industry

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