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Digimarc Partnership

Erudition and Digimarc are collaborating to develop a more effective, reader-friendly approach to combatting eBook piracy based on a combination of Digimarc Barcode for Digital Documents and Custos for Ebooks. This new solution leverages Bitcoin and the blockchain to deliver the next generation of technical measures for protecting eBooks against piracy.



Better protection

  • Rapid detection of piracy at source with infringements detected in as little as 42 seconds
  • Capable of penetrating hard to reach places such as the dark web and peer-to-peer networks
  • Difficult to remove with multiple layers of imperceptible watermarks
  • Wider coverage when combined with crawling and other complementary measures

Reader friendly

  • Invisible to users, doesn't restrict or penalise legitimate use
  • No onerous registration steps are required to download and access eBooks
  • Readers have the freedom to enjoy eBooks on their choice of device and apps
  • Opens up new possibilities and channels for promoting, selling and distributing eBooks

How it works

Solution components

  • Digimarc Barcode - Digimarc Barcode is a digital watermark that enables publishers to track and identify sources of leakage and unauthorised distribution by introducing a unique, imperceptible and traceable digital identity into individual files when sold or distributed.
  • Custos for eBooks - Based on system used to protect screener copies of movies, Custos for eBooks embeds unique Bitcoin "bounties" within eBooks files using Digimarc Barcode. These bounties can be claimed instantly from anywhere in the world by a network of "bounty hunters", enabling rapid detection of compromised media.
Embed Bitcoin bounty Pirate uploads eBook Bounty is redeemed Publisher is notified Sustainable deterrent

Business applications

Use cases

  • Secure, user-friendly distribution of promotional or free eBooks e.g. galley, review, desk or inspection copies
  • Protection and monitoring of new sales channels and opportunities e.g. bulk distribution, print eBook tokens, retailers in new markets
  • Deliver a better reader value proposition on direct sales of eBooks and online marketing campaigns
  • Complement existing protection measures e.g. crawling and monitoring

Implementation options

  • API integration - Integrate seamlessly into your existing fulfilment and distribution workflows using a robust, comprehensive API.
  • Erudition Direct - A stand-alone web-interface for promoting, selling and distributing eBooks without any integration requirements.

Further information

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