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Consumers are becoming increasingly shut off from the traditional world of marketing, rendering many advertising techniques ineffective. Content marketing is a technique which counters this by providing consumers with valuable and relevant content which goes beyond simply trying to sell to them.

eBooks are an ideal content marketing tool for acquiring new customers and learning more about existing customers. Their relatively low production costs and perceived value make them an increasingly attractive part of the marketing mix for businesses, brands and other organisations who are not primarily publishers.


Why Erudition?

Best of breed
We produce high-quality eBooks which are not tied to specific devices or platforms and are capable of attracting premium prices.

Unique features
Our award-winning technology platform enables a number of innovative features such as eBook gifting, viral promotions, direct sales and more.

Optimised processes
We have honed a highly efficient digital-first publishing capability which enables us to deliver greater value with a fast turn around.

Flexible approach
Our engagement model, level of involvement in a project and commercial models are flexible and can vary according to client requirements.

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