Saturday Science

By Neil A. Downie

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Saturday Science is the result of the offbeat and creative experimentation of scientist Neil A. Downie. His passion for creating things in his back garden or shed that demonstrate the wonders of science have resulted in numerous interesting and exciting projects that you can try at home. Bursting with humour, knowledge and fascination with the natural world, Saturday Science offers something for everyone, regardless of age or level of learning.


 About the Book

Saturday Science Volume One offers a compilation of Neil Downie’s popular experiments in an interactive, multimedia format. Indulge your curious, creative and sometimes destructive side by making a vacuum railroad, an exploding disk cannon or electric sand.

About the Author

Neil Downie has always loved science and enjoyed sharing his scientific experiments. At his Junior School he made a steam powered fairground from thousands of tiny Meccano parts. He has never been without a Meccano set since. At secondary school, Bablake in Coventry, he assisted in the construction of the first in a lifelong series of hovercraft. For pocket money, he mended old-fashioned valve TV sets and played the church organ. [tippy title=”Read More >>”]Neil is an accomplished physicist and science writer. He worked at the British Gas Research Unit in Solihull and then, after studying at Merton College Oxford with a scholarship, he went on to work in Hamburg, where as well as playing accordion for a Scottish dance club he also helped to discover the gluon, the sub-atomic particle which glues the quarks together.

Neil’s obsession with creating things to demonstrate the wonders of science has resulted, to name just a few, in model aircraft, autogyro, mini hot air balloons for teddy bears, a home-made trebuchet catapult with a 4 meter arm, a vacuum bazooka, the new improved rapid fire vacuum bazooka, a carrot cannon, and the improved armour-piercing carrot cannon. More recently he has patented an oxygen firework system. This is capable of spectacular fountain effects, but it is safe because it stops as soon as you stop the oxygen flowing.

Neil currently works as an inventor in a global company and in his spare time tries to stimulate and educate the next generation of scientists through his hands-on lectures and workshops. He is the author of four other Saturday Science books. This is the fifth in the series.


Intuitive sliders, step-by-step methods, interactive diagrams and pre-compiled shopping lists show you exactly how to recreate Neil’s experiments in a fun but safe way
Numerous videos provide visual explanations and demonstrate finished projects in action, in real-time or slow motion
Gain a deeper understanding of the world around you with supplementary information which brings the science and maths behind each experiment to life in accessible, bite size chunks
Go beyond the prescribed projects with bonus variations or versions of the experiments.
Available on PC and iPad


With interactive features and multimedia content, the Saturday Science eBook series brings the wonders of the natural world to life in a fun and engaging way


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