Part 2 of enhanced, interactive eBook series focusing on mastering piano technique is launched.

London, UK – 12th November 2013

Erudition is pleased to announce the launch of Part 2 of Practising the Piano, an interactive, enhanced eBook series authored by acclaimed piano teacher and concert pianist, Graham Fitch.  The series fills a gap in the piano literature by focusing on the art of practicing, showing the reader exactly what to do in order to get the most out of their practice time.

Part 1 of Practising the Piano was successfully launched in April 2013 and is a foundation course on practice methodology.  Since its launch it has found acclaim with a global audience of piano amateurs, professionals and teachers.  Readers have described the series as “absolutely brilliant”, “the finest book in the literature on the subject” and “a must read for every pianist no matter how great or small”.

Building on the success of Part 1, Part 2 focusses on the subject of piano technique and provides a comprehensive treatise on the subject.  The publications make use of a cutting edge technology platform which exploits the digital channel’s capability to go beyond the written word with enhanced, interactive content.  Over 100 video demonstrations, phentermine almost 1,000 bars of musical excerpts and exercises, interactive “sliders” and links to supplementary resources illustrate key concepts and techniques both elegantly and efficiently.  The content demonstrates exactly how to manage technical difficulties at the piano with skill and panache while avoiding common pitfalls that lead to tension and injury.

Part 2 is comprised of three volumes with the first volume providing an understanding of technique through the history, schools and traditions of piano playing.  It will also show how to produce the desired sounds from the piano while keeping physically loose, free and healthy.  The second volume deals with the various components of piano technique and how to co-ordinate them to make playing more efficient and skillful.  The final volume is a manual of exercises based on the material from the second volume, covering exercise regimens, warm-ups, finger exercises, chord playing, octaves, double notes and repeated notes and trills.

Practising the Piano Part 2 is available for direct purchase via the author’s website ().  Individual volumes are priced at £4.99, £6.99 and £7.99 respectively with a bundle of all three volumes priced at £14.99.  Further parts are currently being developed and will cover topics such as scales and arpeggios, anxiety, exam stress and all issues related to performance.


Graham Fitch has earned a global reputation as an outstanding teacher of piano for all ages and levels and has been on the faculties of the Royal Welsh College of Music and the University of Cape Town. He is a popular adjudicator, a tutor for the EPTA Piano Teachers’ Course, and a regular writer for Pianist Magazine with several video demonstrations on YouTube.