We’re pleased to announce the launch of a free, enhanced edition of Carol Strickland’s historical novel, The Eagle and the Swan. The enhanced edition features the first part of the story complemented with meticulously researched supplementary information. It is intended to serve as both a preview for prospective readers and as an illustrated catalogue for those reading the complete publication.

The enhanced edition brings the world of the Byzantine Empire to life in a rich and immersive manner with the following features and supplementary information:

  • Carefully redrawn maps of Byzantine Empire and Constantinople which feature locations of specific events
  • Interactive timelines which provide context to the story
  • Numerous supplementary articles which provide insights on everything from ancient myths to key topics featured in the story
  • Photo galleries containing a rich catalogue of the art and culture of the period
  • Character profiles which enable readers to get to know the individual characters and their stories
  • Glossary “pop-ups” which explain terms contained within the text

The enhanced edition is delivered as a web application and can be viewed via most recent browsers on both computers and popular tablets (we recommend Chrome for computers and Safari on the iPad). Please click on the ‘Add to Library’ button below to in order to access the enhanced edition. You will need to log in with your Erudition details or register for a free account in order to add the publication to your library.

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Interactive maps

Interactive timeline

Image gallery