Third in interactive series of digital guides to the greatest works of classical music launches on 30th October.

London, United Kingdom – 30th October 2014

Erudition, in partnership with Harmonia Mundi, is pleased to announce the third volume of Masterpieces of Music, an enhanced, interactive eBook series featuring comprehensive guides to the greatest classical works. The series is aimed at listeners of all levels of knowledge, whether they are just beginning to explore classical music or have loved it all their lives.

This latest eBook goes ‘behind the scenes’ of Brahms’s Piano Concerto no.1 in D minor, the composer’s first monumental masterpiece and a work that brought a renewed seriousness to the concerto medium. With its nods to Beethoven-like symphonic methods and Bach-inspired counterpoint, the concerto neatly follows on from the previous two Masterpieces of Music releases to complete a representative sampling of the three great ‘Bs’ of classical music through some of their most significant works. As with each guide in the series, author Matthew Rye uncovers the full story behind the work, exploring the concerto’s place in the world of a young composer finding his voice in a phentermine weight loss combination of Classical form and Romantic feeling. He takes advantage of the non-linear nature of the medium to explore related topics suggested by the specific piece. Extensive music examples – complete with audio – are used to illustrate a descriptive breakdown of the composer’s creative process in a movement-by-movement walk-through.

Masterpieces of Music eBooks combine the latest scholarship with a range of innovative features designed to bring the music to life and increase enjoyment whatever the level of knowledge. Together, they will build into an essential collection for the music-lover, student or teacher.

As with all volumes in the series, the latest eBook is available via , the and the publisher’s website () for £4.99. A special offer bundle comprising all three volumes will also be available on the publisher’s website at a discounted price of £9.99. By purchasing directly from the publisher, customers will also have access to the publications in a range of formats allowing the reader to enjoy their eBooks without being tied to a specific platform or device.