Enhanced eBook series featuring popular back garden experiments launches.

London, United Kingdom – 30th October 2014

Erudition is pleased to announce the launch of Saturday Science, an enhanced eBook series based on scientist Neil A. Downie’s popular Saturday Science print books. The eBook series features a compilation of popular back garden experiments that demonstrate the wonders of the natural world. While aimed at aspiring “Saturday Scientists” of all ages who wish to indulge their curious (and sometimes destructive!) side, the series will also serve as a useful resource for educators looking for practical ways to captivate the imagination of their students.

The first eBook in the series, Exploding Disk Cannons and More, presents eleven exciting projects which demonstrate topics such as how to harness Boyle’s law to fire carrots at high speeds and how to send secret messages using electronics. Intuitive sliders, step-by-step instructions, videos, images and shopping lists show exactly how to recreate Neil’s experiments in a fun but safe way. Specially shot slow motion videos also capture the small details and surprises to look out for when recreating the experiments.

For those who wish to delve deeper, the mathematical and scientific explanations behind each experiment are provided in bite-size chunks along with visual analysis of data and further reading. A more hands-on grasp of underlying concepts can be obtained through bonus variations and challenges which are also provided for selected projects.

In addition to being available via Amazon, and coming soon to the Apple iBookstore, Saturday Science eBooks are also be available to purchase directly from the publisher’s website (www.eruditions.co.uk). By purchasing directly, customers will have access to the publications in a range of formats, including a web application for viewing publications on a range of devices via a web browser. Downloadable versions of the publications are also available in Kindle and iBooks formats, giving readers a wide range of reading options rather than being tied to a specific platform or device.

Click here to preview Saturday Science – Exploding Disk Cannons and More for free.

Neil Downie is an accomplished physicist and science writer. He worked at the British Gas Research Unit in Solihull and then, after studying at Merton College Oxford with a scholarship, he went on to work in Hamburg, where, as well as playing accordion for a Scottish dance club, he also helped to discover the gluon, the sub-atomic particle which glues the quarks together.

Neil currently works as an inventor in a global company and in his spare time tries to stimulate and educate the next generation of scientists through his hands-on lectures and workshops. He is the author of four other Saturday Science books, currently available in print.